Dear Mr. Proepson, after accidently stumbling on the finckmeister website i understand that you are the curator of the finckmeister heritage. I felt the need to contact you because apparently Mr Finckmeister is alive and well - albeit apparently not in a position to contact you at this moment. What I can tell you must not be related to any government officials (not even the Danes!) nor THE AGENCY - it might pose a danger to Mr. Finckmeisterīs mission. A man with an uncanny resemblance to him is working in a danish kjoettbullar take-out in botswana. I happened to meet him during a stay in Maun 15 years ago (due to security reasons i cannot disclose the exact circumstances). Since i have been an avid follower of his work i recongnised the similarity immediately and greeted him with jolly "Mr. Finckmeister - what on earth brought you here??? I mean - a danish take-out in Africa - come on????!" after tasting the delicious kjoettbullar. He feigned not to know what I was talking about but seemed upset and pretended to only speak setswana (with the well known danish accent). Eerily a map of Usbekistan was tacked to the wall of the take-out hut. Despite the fact that he didnīt reveal his identity i am pretty sure it was Finckmeister. Mr. Proepson - i am sure you will handle this matter with delicacy it requires - of course i do not wish to send you on a wild-goose chase but on the other hand IF this is indeed Mr. Finckmeister - the importance of the news is self evident. I hope that this information will be of help to you as curator and that you will know how to act upon it. please let me know if you deem this information valuable and if this lead could somehow illuminate this very murky subject. yours sincerely a concerned citizen cum photographer (still working on it)

Undated photograph provided by Big Dave Brauchlovich who claims that is shows Finckmeister at an Iranian roadside retaurant